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Obsèques d'Ashraf Pahlavi: Farah Diba en deuil, adieu discret à la soeur du Shah

Andy Warhol: Ashmolean Oxford

Persia | Portrait of Nasr-al-Din Shah Qajar (reg. 1848-96), seated on a chair, signed by Sayyid Muhammad al-Husaini al-Imami | Dated AH 1265/AD 1849

Andy Warhol may be in heaven but his art has a hellish darkness

Iranian princess Ashraf Pahlavi, late shah’s twin, dies aged 96


Behind-the-scenes power broker and campaigner for women’s rights who was immortalised in a portrait by Andy Warhol

Majnun is brought in chains to Layla's tent. From Nizami's Layla Majnun. Painted by the 16th-century Safavid court artist Mir Sayyid ?Ali (Or.2265, f. 157v) - See more at:


Ghodsieh Ashraf (1889-1976), one of the first Iranian women to earn a college degree in the United States. She earned degrees from Boston University and Teacher's College, Columbia University.


Andy Warhol’s portrait of Princess Ashraf Pahlavi.