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The Neural Network Zoo With new neural networkarchitectures popping up every now and then its hard to keep track of them all. Knowing all the abbreviations being thrown around (DCIGN BiLSTM DCGAN anyone?) can be a bit overwhelming at first. @tachyeonz

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New to deep learning? Here are 4 easy lessons from Google

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A neural network is an algorithm with some of the learning characteristics of a biological brain. Our brains take the experiences of our five senses and draw conclusions that help us cope with our changeable world. Similarly, AEMC's artificial neural network takes in data about how plants perform under specific sets of conditions, and infers how various other combinations of conditions would affect that behavior.

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Marilena Skavara's Adaptive fa[CA]de at Digital Hinterlands exhibition, London

Marilena Skavara's Adaptive fa[CA]de at Digital Hinterlands exhibition, London by marilena. Adaptive fa[CA]de’ explores the computational possibilities and performative aspects of Cellular Automata. Using an artificial Neural Network it constitutes a ‘living skin’ that responds to the light levels of its environment. Building upon the unique patterns of Cellular Automata, ‘Adaptive fa[CA]de’ provides optimal light intensity to the interior, whilst resulting to an emergent, kinetic behaviour.

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Convolutional Neural Networks; by Aysegul Dundar; 1/13/2013; A short lecture about the choice of layers in Convolutional Neural Networks.

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