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that about sums it up. Well then Merlin uses more magic to fix the problem he…

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Every single episode! Why do all of the episodes surprise me than? (Even though I've seen all them twice I still get tensed):)

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Maybe not the most awkward, but it will likely always be my favorite. These two had such chemistry.

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Doctor Who: Matt Smith's replacement to be announced this Sunday on live TV

Cast of Doctor Who- Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill

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...Or to make it even more confusing the doctor's daughter who played the doctor's daughter and is also the doctor's wife who went to school with the doctor's daughter going back in time to flirt with King Arthur, who just so happens to have a manservant/sorcerer best friend who once took a journey with the doctor on a ship over a planet called Midnight

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The allure of abandoned Tube stations

The allure of abandoned Tube stations. Interesting little read, now I want to go and explore in the footsteps of Sherlock and John.

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I loved this because Arthur, when he and Merlin are alone together, always throws stuff at Merlin or teases him. But when Uther walked in it was like, "Oops! We were acting like two little boys and Daddy caught us." xD

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Pretty much...I loved Lancelot so much and it broke my heart to see him die a second time, I made a river of tears aarg it was too much for me!

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