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Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland - "Long before there were Englishmen and Scotsmen, long before they had their own subjects of contention and violence, long before there were Elliots or Fenwicks or Armstrongs or Ridleys, the frontier had been made, the line drawn." (fm "The Steel Bonnets - George McDonald Fraser)

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Some people skateboarded and we just happened to go for world domination, everyone's different.

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"I am taking an evening walk with my sister towards Arthur’s Seat, the hill that overlooks my home city of Edinburgh. It is early October, and today, the ancient mound is bathed in the rusty rays of fading summer." Article & photos by Robbie Lawrence. Now on TOAST Travels.

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Nobel prize for physics won by Takaaki Kajita and Arthur McDonald - as it happened

Winners of the Nobel prize in physics 2015 Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B McDonald for their key contributions to the experiments that demonstrated that neutrinos change identities. .

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