(Open RP! I'm the girl. Someone be the guy??) He walked into the tavern cautious of the people around him. They were all criminals for sure. He could tell. As he took a seat. A girl and a man sit beside me. One look I know that poor girl isn't a felon. She sits close to the man but seems terrified of him. I get a look at him and I realize he's a hunter. The hunter. This poor girl must be his prey.

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The 'Stews'. Low grade accomodation and drinking establishments around the base of The Pavonis Space Lift (Corporate Era), c. 2500 AD. environment by Jean_Oh - jing

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Contours intégrés mais présents - style de colo - niveau de détail

William Morris design. The Arts and Crafts Movement in the UK sought to return people to the art of making things by hand.

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English Renaissance Art | Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via Email Share on LinkedIn ...

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Robert Rauschenberg is more famously known for his work with collages, all his work is relevant to the era in which it was created this is mostly done through his incorporation of current events and news stories.

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My design will put a contemporary spin on the era by using components of the Art Deco style alongside cutting edge designs.

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