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10 TED Talks Every Art Teacher Should Watch (The Art of Education)

Hopefully, when I tell you I have been watching Ted Talks non-stop for a month, you know I am talking about the short, inspiring videos and not the rude, crude talking bear. TED Talks started back in

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The 13 Pillars of Art Education Every Art Teacher Should Know (The Art of Education)

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Where Are You on the Choice Spectrum? (The Art of Education)

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Cynthia Emerlye, Vermont artist and kirigami papercutter: Therapeutic Art Class: Creating Creatures from Paint Blots

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When it comes to professional development, sometimes art teachers feel a bit forgotten. Many of us have sat through faculty meetings, staff training, or workshops wondering how the information relates to our curriculum or pedagogy at all. Neglect is far too often a common feeling for art educators. In fact, this is why AOE exists …

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art lesson | art advice | art education | unleash your inner artist

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Why We Do Art & You - It's hard to put into words why we choose to create. So often we hear, "asking me not to create would be like asking me not to breathe." Here are some side effects of art.

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An Ideal Art Class: Art education is critical in today's schools. It has been since the times of the ancient Greeks, and only lost its luster during the Industrial Revolution when products became more important and as people became more consumer-driven, turning many schools into education, for profit, "factories."

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A poster encouraging kids to draw light til' they know it's right! So many kids draw hard and make it hard to erase the mistakes. Usually they waste paper because they cannot erase the original hard pencil marks. They need to know the basics of sketching.

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Water colours, tearing and collage. Gloucestershire Resource Centre

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puzzle project tim kelly artist monmouth arts council teen arts festival surftaco nj nyc art is good. use this shape they all fit together

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