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'Arrow' reveals Katie Cassidy Black Canary photos

Laurel as the Black Canary /// OHMIGOSH. NO. IT'S TOO SOON. But she looks so badass, AHHH! :D :D


I honestly think the makers of CW's Arrow made a good decision making Sara Lance the Black Canary. Such a good actress


Arrow Season 4 Storyline Hopes

I'm Laurel Lance my sister is Sara. I have a phonographic memory. I am an assassin. My powers are: teleportation, future seer, and I voice manipulation.


30 Facts & Trivia You Didn't Know About Arrow

The Canary is another amazing character from comics. She has trained with a league of assassins and this is the reason my character has such intense training at the beginning of his life, and also her staff she fights with. Using that idea and making it my own I decided to use a detachable staff that also turns into batons.


this is a character design of the new daredevil suit on netflix it was dope.... also liked the suit badasss..