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Google finds a buyer for Motorola set-top box biz

Google finds a buyer for Motorola set-top box biz | Arris Group, Inc. is now the proud owner of a profitable side of Moto, though not the one Google hopes to harvest. Buying advice from the leading technology site

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Can Google make your wifi work? Firm launches $199 router

Google says its wireless router will be sleeker, more reliable, more secure and easier to use than other long-established alternatives made by the Arris Group, Netgear, Apple and others.

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Arris Arris is a publication designed to document the diversity of colour, personality and architecture within the city of Leeds. It has been created for the communities, businesses and organizations in the surrounding area; to inform and educate through pre-existing building design and how it can be used as a source of inspiration. We have taken influence from Pantone® to identify and distinguish colour and understand how it is relative to everyday life. We are a collaborative group based…