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Arnulf Rainer, Deeply suspicious of rationality, he investigated the potential of dreams, madness and the subconscious; to these ends he co-founded the Hundsgruppe under the influence of French Surrealism in

Arnulf Rainer  Untitled (Face Farce)  1971

Untitled (Face Farce) - Arnulf Rainer - Neo-Expressionism, Self Portrait, 1971

Arnulf Rainer

Arnulf Rainer austrian artist interested in german expressionists; aggressive mark making. his mark making gets so aggressive he digs through the emulsion to the photo paper.

Arnulf Rainer Wenzel, gouache on paper

Available for sale from Galerie Christophe Gaillard, Arnulf Rainer, Untitled (Wenzel) Gouache on paper, × 47 cm

Untitled  Arnulf Rainer (Austrian, born 1929)    (1969-74). Oilstick on gelatin silver print

Untitled Arnulf Rainer (Austrian, born Oilstick on gelatin silver print This is good because he draws over his photo to reveal the subconscious.