Camo Face Paint: Army Party

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Camo Face Paint Sticks - Tan, Black, and Olive Green This will be the best part of the party, I bet.

The face paint that "kiss" wear on their faces makes the look more scary and unique.The format they are sat in is perfect for a content page because there is lots of space around them.

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Kids Platoon Leaders Full Role Play Set - Woodland Digital Camouflage. Woodland Digital Camouflage Backpack & Kids Army Kids Helmet with Woodland Camouflage Helmet. Woodland Digital Camouflage Kids Combat Vest & Woodland Camouflage Angle Flashlight. Realistic Sounding Grenade & Woodland Camo 2-Color Face paint stick. Woodland Digital Camouflage Water Bottle. **Includes Free Dog Tags**.

Face painting. Camouflage or Soldier. This is from a Snazaroo brand face paint booklet. Boys love it. Several have asked me, "Where's my helmet?" So be sure to tell them the helmet is not included!

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Fish scale/mermaid inspired body how fun..maybe with iridescent, metallic colors and of course glitter!

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10 Cool Ways to Wear Camo Face Paint [PICS] - Wide Open Spaces

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