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The Army has my Soldier, But I have His Heart Necklace

The Army has My Soldier, But I Have his Heart Handstamped Necklace with Flag Heart. $34.00, via Etsy.


It takes a real woman to be with a man in the military. All these little girls wanting a "hot military boyfriend" probably couldn't even last a deployment.


Milso getting married Military love young love THIS SPEAKS VOLUMES!!! I'm going to show this to my family and I'm sure they'll still disagree. I know they don't agree with me, but they can only accept it & support me otherwise it'll be nothing.


I was never a fan of the Lavender Brown hate and the Parvati Patil indifference in the fandom. They were both a part of Dumbledore's army and fought in the Battle of Hogwarts. As for Lavender being all lovey with Ron, she was a teenager with a boyfriend...she's allowed to show her feelings.