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The real Band of Brothers: Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, US 101st Airborne Division

Since Gatsby lost all his money that he inherited from his family in the war his dream of being with Daisy is shattered forever.He even mentions trying to die during the war , but is given a medal for his bravery and another chance to get Daisy back.

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World War Two: The Home Front

BRITISH WW II >..Hitler was the leader of the German army. Naturally, the enemy wouldnt have sent a warning that they were going to drop bombs of gas, so people always had to be prepared. Gas masks were issued to every citizen. Fortunately, their use was never required.JAN16 More

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HERITAGE - 1: DIRECT LINE TO OUR DISTANT PAST. What Made Us English? Reading List for a Bygone Era

Land divided - at the time of Aelfred 'the Great' there was no England yet. That would follow, beginning in his grandson Aethelstan's time. Bit by bit over centuries England and English, kingdom, people and language came about


Whuut? Who made this meme?? I mean,well, i'm a fan of both groups, they have their own reasons anyway so let's just understand them

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BTS_official on

BTS_official on Twitter: "#방탄소년단 #BTS #WINGS Short Film 3. #STIGMA…