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Neck Pain Stretches for Office Workers - Much of my problem stems from spending too much time sitting in front of the computer. Thanks for the exercise reminder! #BACKANDNECKHELP

This 10 minute workout for women will trim inches from your torso, build your upper-body strength, and also build the muscles in the back and shoulders that are responsible for perfect posture. Find a couple of dumbbells (or cans of soup) around your house and get to it!

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Hundreds of years ahead of his time: Leonardo da Vinci's extraordinarily detailed anatomical drawings show he was more than a match for today's medical technology

Detailed: Da Vinci's sketches of muscles and skeletons foreshadow modern techniques, such as MRI scans and 3D computer modelling, to 'an ast...

10 Awesome Computer Setups Any Geek Would Love - TechEBlog
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Irish National Stud & Gardens

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Robots to take 11m jobs by 2036, supermarket and factory staff at risk

At risk: Library assistants, fishermen, typists and bank clerks have all become…