Hahaha so true for those of us who lived in Arizona!!:) hahahah I used to live in Arizona:)

Yuma and Phoenix need to trade places for this to be accurate.

uses for salt.  I wanna move to Arizona!

Wouldn't you rather use salt for your margarita? Tucson, Arizona is a perfect place to escape from harsh winter! If you visit relatives and want to stay, give us a call!

20 Things You'll Only See In Arizona | 104.7 KISS FM [lots of places also have 'misters' as you come in the door. but it's always so hot the mist is warm. still, very needed. hot, dry place. jh]

32 Things You Only See In Arizona: Towels around the handles of doors because metal and hundred degree heat = burn your hands.

Arizona Weather

Arizona Weather

Funny pictures about Arizona Weather. Oh, and cool pics about Arizona Weather. Also, Arizona Weather photos.

It's Summer In Arizona#funny #lol #lolzonline

So true. I have gloves in my car for this reason. And a towel for those beautiful thunderstorms.

And while we're at it, can we also return Florida and Arizona to the Spanish and Mexicans?

A roundup of the best memes showing Barack Obama and Joe Biden& imagined conversations about pranking Donald Trump.