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Aries hate sneaky people. They respect people who are straightforward, honest and direct. #Aries

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Yup I don't forgive and keep you in my life. Only once has that happened and it's working out :)

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Zodiac Aries facts. Huge Aries Problem: Not knowing how to properly deal with their anger. For much more on the zodiac signs, click here.

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Protector, problem solver, tell it how I feel, loyal, giver..... Yup it's who I am.

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Yup sometimes I just want to punch a person who is ignorant in the face. I won't do it but in my mind I already did it...twice hahaha!

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So true. Just a compassionate hug and a simple "Everything is going to be alright"

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Once you have gained the friendship and respect of... - fun zodiac signs fact

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An Aries sometimes can be an asshole and other times they can be the sweetest person you know. It all depends on you. #Aries

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Zodiac Aries Facts.

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