These two signs are great friends in the making.  The Aquarius individual loves to make friends and the Aries individual is, more often than not, always open to new friends.  Aries people are - Click for more info

Cancer and Aries :- There is a saying that opposites attract and this is true with cancer and aries compatibility. The former is a fire sign that is known to be freedom loving and loves excitement while the latter is a water sign.

What A Beautiful Gift That Is To Have...Timeless And Ethereal.Aquarius♒️-Divalousity.

when I walk through nature, I feel a very deep connection with the animals, and have had a few approach me on occasion

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The best and worst romantic astrology matches for every sign. Zodiac sign love compatibility can help you better understand why you're attracted to someone.

Yeah... I'm normally quite during the day, but when i get home... that's a different story...

FAQ: What are Pisces Birthstones? – Pisces Birthstones are ocean jasper and aquamarine. What are Pisces birthstone colors?

This is so true for me and my girl :D

It's Aquarius' are genius therefore can be evil geniuses. There I did the math for you.>> well I've been called Satan my whole life any way soo.