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Ariana Grande // @sophanatic

Songstress Ariana Grande sports her well known ponytail in a simple, chic and feminine editorial shoot captured by fashion photographer, the images are featured

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International Celebrities: Ariana Grande – ‘Ari by Ariana Grande’ Launch Part.

I did this in class one time. This boy said something and I looked over at him and did this. My friend started cracking up.

it make my laugh when ariana grande said you mess with the cat and you get the whisker

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Tour

AG - Ariana performing during the first night of the Dangerous Woman tour last night.

Ariana Grande's 7 Weirdest Moments | Teen Vogue

7 of Ariana Grande’s Strangest Habits

Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy in Sam and Cat #RevengeoftheBritBrats this is so funny!

It's about something called Sam and cat wich my little sister watches and cat goes crazy over bibble

Ariana grande bich bunny

Ariana grande bich bunny

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ariana grande image Even though I'm very modest. I need that shirt in my life.

Robbie and Cat always have fun scenes together.

Funny pictures about I take criticism really well. Oh, and cool pics about I take criticism really well. Also, I take criticism really well.