Area of rectangle formula

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This 4 page lesson includes a page that details the formulas for finding the area of a square, rectangle, triangle, parallelogram and trapezoid. The second and third pages are practice problems. Answer Keys included!

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These Area and Perimeter Posters are useful visual reminders for students. Includes; 1) What is area? (example) 2) Area of a Square (formula and example) 3) Area of a Rectangle (formula and example) 4) Area of a Triangle (formula and example) 5) What is perimeter (formula and example) © Tales From Miss D

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Derive the formula for a parallelogram using only the formula for the area of a rectangle. It should make more sense for the student!

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Area of a Triangle Foldable uses a silly - but memorable and relevant - story to help students remember the formula - lots of options!

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Area of a rectangle specifies an area in the coordinate space that is enclosed by the rectangular object. To find the area of a rectangle, multiply the length and the width. Area is usually measured in square units such as square inches, square feet or square meters.In the above figure, the length of the rectangle is "l" and the width of the rectangle is "w". Therefore, the area of the rectangle formula is (l X w) square units.

Applet contains a modifiable parallelogram that students can transform into another familiar figure (rectangle.) Since the area of the rectangle is the same as the area of the original parallelogram, students can then more readily see that the formula for the area of any parallelogram is Area of a Parallelogram = (Base Area)(True Height).

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This math station activity is intended to help students understand how to find the volume of a right rectangular prism with fractional edge lengths, how to show the volume in two different ways, apply the volume formulas to right rectangular prisms, represent three-dimensional figures using nets to make rectangles or triangles, use the nets to find the surface area of rectangles and triangles, and to apply techniques in context to solve real world mathematical problems.

7 signs showing the formula and an example for each of the following: *Perimeter *Area of Rectangle *Area of Parallelogram *Area of Triangle *Area...

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