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Derive the formula for a parallelogram using only the formula for the area of a rectangle. It should make more sense for the student!

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area and perimeter art project. Would be good for students to then determine which letter had the greatest area/perimeter

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Here are two different versions of a game where students roll dice to create rectangles and then find the area. In one version students count square units. In the second version they apply the formula for area.

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Math Journal Sundays

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Area Notes and Practice Worksheet

This 4 page lesson includes a page that details the formulas for finding the area of a square, rectangle, triangle, parallelogram and trapezoid. The second and third pages are practice problems. Answer Keys included!

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Foldable Areas of Polygons

This is a curios double sided foldable to teach students the formulas to find area squares, rectangles, triangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, rhombuses and kites. It includes notes for teachers. Great for INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS!

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Area of Composite Figures (Foldable)


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Area of a rectangle specifies an area in the coordinate space that is enclosed by the rectangular object. To find the area of a rectangle, multiply the length and the width. Area is usually measured in square units such as square inches, square feet or square meters.In the above figure, the length of the rectangle is "l" and the width of the rectangle is "w". Therefore, the area of the rectangle formula is (l X w) square units.

Surface Area of a Cylinder

Surface Area of a Cylinder. Someday I may be glad I pinned this... IF I can find it again...