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Are Baked Beans Healthy

Vegan baked beans

Tinned baked beans are a staple in most British kitchens, but they're very easy to make yourself. While many gourmet versions have added bacon or dairy, Becca's on hand to provide a tasty vegan version of the classic breakfast dish.

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The Hairy Dieters' roasted cod recipe

The Hairy Dieters’ Roasted Cod recipe - family had this for tea tonight and we all enjoyed it. At 224 calories a portion it is great for a fasting day and I just added some new potatoes and green beans to serve up for the rest of the family.

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Spanish Beans with Tomatoes

Spanish Beans and Tomatoes | Vegan & Gluten free | Veggie Desserts Blog These Spanish beans with tomatoes and smokey sweet spices are so easy to make. They’re perfect to serve as tapas or a side dish. Vegan and gluten-free.

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10 Minute Spicy Vegan Bean Burgers

Quick and delicious bean burgers made in 10 minutes from beans, oats, spices and herbs. These are dairy free and vegan with no added salt, sugar, fat or additives that supermarket burgers contain.

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Mushroom & chickpea burgers

Mushroom & chickpea burgers from BBC Good Food - hopefully the sun will still be shining for the Bank Holiday weekend and we might manage our first bbq of the year! These will be on the menu at 217 calories per serving.

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Beetroot and feta burgers

Vegetarian burgers made with beetroot and feta are delicious and nutritious. Quick, easy and under £5 – this recipe is great for…

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Smoked salmon, horseradish and cress toasts

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1.5 Syn Gingerbread Bites | Slimming World

1.5 Syn Gingerbread Bites | Slimming World

Gingerbread is in my opinion one of those things that is quite difficult to convert into a low syn Slimming World friendly recipe. Having said that, and after a few attempts, Syn Gingerbread

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Green Pea Fritters (Vegan + GF)

Baked Green Pea Fritters (Vegan + GF)

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25 Awesome Puff Pastry Recipes for Vegans

25 Awesome Puff Pastry Recipes for Vegans. From pies and pizzas to sausage rolls, pasties and not forgetting dessert. Comfort food at it's best. Go on treat yourself with these easy recipes that are great for those on vegetarian, vegan and dairy free diets.

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Mexican bean burgers with lime yogurt & salsa

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Tasty crunchy vegan bean chilli triangles that are perfect for parties & canapes. These can be made ahead & reheated, or make larger triangles for an impressive vegan main course. Best of all? This recipe is 100% vegan!

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Poached Eggs With Tomato, Swiss Chard, and Chickpeas

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Vegan chocolate orange pots

These indulgent chocolate orange pots only need 4 common ingredients and some chilling time. They are velvety smooth, intensely chocolaty with clear orange flavour.

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Salted Caramel Ice Cream (Raw, Vegan, Paleo)

“Salted Caramel is the class A drug of the confectionery world” – Nigella Lawson. I’m quite late jumping on the salted caramel bandwagon, I admit. But this recipe was just too good not to share! The ingredients are very simple; coconut milk, coconut sugar and a pinch of sea salt. Translated: Fat, sugar and salt....Read More »

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This Vegan Nutloaf is not only moist but light and not overly nutty. To create this recipe what I did was take two of my favourite loafs and combine them into one which turned out wonderfully. I find that plain lentil loafs are quite “bean” heavy and pure nutloafs are quite heavy period. This one …

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Quick & Easy Tomato and Herb Gigantes Beans

This Tomato & Herb Gigantes Beans recipe is a quick and easy version of the Greek meze dish Gigantes Plaki, with tinned butterbeans in a rich tomato sauce.

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