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Arduino Transistor

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Circuit board screen print - Arduino Uno - limited edition

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Arduino 3V DC Motor Control : Transistor, IC & More

If you start with a 3V DC Motor, it becomes easy as previously described external power for breadboard is not required. A 3V DC Motor is brush motor which has two legs. It basically works like a resister.


How to drive a DC Motor with Transistor - Arduino Tutorial

To drive a DC motor you need a larger amount of current than Arduino board can give. For that reason you must use a transistor. Transistors have limits and maximum specs, just be sure those values are enough for your use.The transistor we are using for this tutorial is P2N2222A and is rated at 40V and 200mA, it just perfect for one toy dc motor.Note: If your motor needs more current than 200mA you can just buy another transistor (ask the staff in the electronics store). The connections…


Arduino Basics: Transistors for Robotics -