Arduino RS485 Shield (RJ45, bus-powered)

Android Arduino communication via modbus rs485

Control a Cluster of 8 Common Cathode Seven Segment Displays using Arduino Mega and Two 74595 ICs Read more at:


awesome Raspberry PI 2 - OpenHAB - Arduino - RS485 Check more at

TTL to RS485 RS-485 Module MAX485 DMX Arduino PI+JUMPER CABLES

RS485 Module MAX485 TTL RS-485 for Arduino, Raspberry PI, DIY SHIELD


Project that describes how an Android powered touch screen can communicate using modbus and rs485. Electrical components and circuit diagram are provided.


CAN Bus Module Tutorial for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo

DIY PoE with a buck converter - dodgy connections fine for prototyping but we can do better

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