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Robot Arm Arduino App

We needed a platform to test our new MICILE / Arduino user interface. The robot hand and arm seemed like something complex enough to really give the concept a comprehensive workout. The project allowed us to use a MICILE Tablet, an Arduino Uno board (and sensor shield) to easily control a robot arm. The interface is clean and simple. We think you will find that the the MICILE Tablet is a great compliment to any Arduino project. All the code can be found at

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Build a Kickass Robot Arm: The Perfect Arduino Project for Beginners

The Arduino is a cheap, fun way to get into building your own electronics. It can also be daunting to get started. Here, we’ll show you how to get a start-to-finish Arduino primer with a killer project: building a sweet robot arm.

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Arduino Robot : Basic Guide to Create Your First Robot

Arduino Robot is quite easy to create as the basic need are quite compact, needs not much of electronics . With $100 budget you can create an Arduino Robot.

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Control Arduino Robot Arm with Ultrasonic Sensor

This tutorial is an outline of how to hook up an ultrasonic sensor to a robot arm in order to control the height of the arm. It is a simple tutorial. I used mainly off the shelf components and is basically a plug together job.This tutorial uses the LittleArm 3D printed Arduino Robot Arm as a base.

An Arduino-powered 4-axis parallel-mechanism robot arm

Robot arm Featured Instructables - Explore the Biggest How To and DIY community where people make and share inspiring, entertaining, and useful projects, recipes, and hacks.

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LittleArm 2C - Mini Arduino Robot Arm for STEM and Hobby

Arduino Robotic Arm

I have bought 2 joysticks from ebay and tried to think what can I do. Then I came up with idea to make a small robot arm. What I needed ...