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Archer Episode 1

John Hurt: the portrait that David McCallum has in the attic.

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The Walking Dead season 5 episode 1 OMG!!!!!! Still crying over Daryl n Carol and Rick n Judith

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Craig- "what are you doing here?" Doctor "well i work here see i even got a name tag that says the Doctor just in case i forget my named which is nice seeing as that happens a lot"

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Pilot hats for airplane party

From the blog Girl's Gone Child, "I knew it was coming. I knew that one day my son, and then daughters, would wake up and roll their eyes at the mere sight of me, too. I knew that one day I would also be *the worst*."

The Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon

Dungeons & Dragons is an American fantasy animated television series based on TSR's Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. A co-production of Marvel Productions and TSR, the show originally ran from 1983 through 1985 for three seasons on CBS for a total of twenty-seven episodes.

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We are the walking dead

We are the walking dead

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Recharge with the Nightly Charge

This sounds like an awesome way to get alcohol poisoning, or like. . . . . .you know a coma.

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Simon and Robin in the last scene on the couch

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I honestly think the makers of CW's Arrow made a good decision making Sara Lance the Black Canary. Such a good actress

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