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Indoor Olive Trees

It's been nearly a year since I adopted my first large indoor plant and I'm happy to report that this black thumb of mine has managed to keep the fiddleleaf fig tree alive and thriving. This newfound confidence has me on the hunt for my next green friend and I'm crushing hard on the idea of an

Arbequina Olive Tree

Arbequina Olive Tree - Fast Growing Olive Tree & Best Tasting. Enjoy fresh, healthy olives, as soon as the very first year!

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Healthy, Versatile Olives... Indoors! - The most versatile olive tree ever! As well as being a table olive, it is used to produce a highly valued olive oil. This tree offers evergreen beauty, fragrant spring blooms, and succulent fruit. It is self-fertile and bears fruit earlier than any other olive tree! Arbequina is not...

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