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Arafat Live

Secret prison ... Freeing up your mind gives you better odds at freeing up your soul. I AM FREE♡


One should not show off their deeds for people's attention. Allah knows all that we do, and we must only act for His sake.


Revealed: 62 ISIS attackers and 'plotters' in U.S. in just a year

Arafat M. Nagi, who lives in Lackawanna, New York, is reported to have been arrested in 2013 for threatening to behead his daughter. He had his plans to join ISIS thwarted by officials in July 2015

The 20 photographs of the week

Credit: Roberto Schmidt/AFP Adel and Mohammed spend an afternoon in the only room of their home that was not totally destroyed in an apartment building that was hit by an Israeli missile in the Gaza Strip. Their families live in an UN-run school where they sought refuge but the men sleep overnight in the shell of the building to watch over what little is left