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The art of henna (called mehndi in Hindi & Urdu) has been practiced for over Origin of years in Pakistan, India, Africa and the Middle East. There is some documentation that it is over 9000 years old. Because henna has natural cooling properties

The most distinctive and exquisite designs in mehndi art are the ones that hail from Middle Eastern countries, which are commonly referred to as Arabic mehndi designs, or more colloquially as Dubai mehndi designs. To give you a glimpse of the sharp allure of these type of mehndi designs, here are 41 lovely ones that you will like.

41 Dubai Mehndi Designs That Will Leave You Captivated

A beautiful fusion-twist on the classic Arabic mehndi are the Dubai mehndi designs. Check out these 41 chill AF new contemporary Dubai mehndi designs.

Arab henna design

16 Most Beautiful And Different Styles Of Back Mehendi Designs

Mehendi designs are loved by most women in Asia. Here are very different styles of back mehendi designs that you will definitely love to try.

Ideas about Arabic Henna on Pinterest

Ideas about Arabic Henna on Pinterest

Arabic....Henna designs.....

Mehndi is an essential component of women regarding fashion along with Pakistani ladies wants to have got beautiful Mehndi types about parities .