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While Chinese *is* a hard language to learn, one of the best ways to begin learning it is to start early and study often! The pacing of Step by Step makes learning Chinese--even at the 1st grade level--a fun process!


Hardest languages to learn. The Russian Language Centre offers Russian language courses for groups and individuals -visit our website here:


Learning Arabic in England Robert Wakefield who became the Professor of Hebrew at Oxford in 1540 gave a lecture in 1524, which he delivered in Cambridge where he supports to value of Arabic, primarily for biblical studies – asserting that the Book of Job was virtually written in Arabic. In 1555 Richard Argentine a physician delivered a speech advocating the teaching of Arabic at both Oxford and Cambridge. He stressed the benefit of learning Arabic for those practising medicine.

Most Spoken Languages In The World  #

Most Spoken Languages In The World #


In the past decade, the use of Arabic online has increased, followed by Chinese and Spanish. 42% of internet users are in Asia, 24% in Europe. KL Translations provides professional and expert Arabic software translation services.