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You will never earn the money you should be earning, working in a traditional job.


Some tips and ideas when looking for a job : 20 Ways To Impress Your Interviewer


Making an HR Plan, by the HR Trend Institute (


Join the Cooke Aquaculture crew from Digby, Nova Scotia, for an inside look at how they raise and care for Atlantic salmon. In Part One we catch up with the crew as they start their day before the crack of dawn and see their morning routine.


World's biggest #aquaponics #garden. 100% organic food.


This month a new aquaculture development strategy in Bream Bay that seeks to turn fish farming in Northland into a NZ$ 300 million- (US$ 245.2 million) sector was launched. It should create more than 700 new aquaculture jobs.

While the plants do a good job at cleaning the water, a sump tank made of a few filters in a cheap tote will save having to clean up more often. Managing ammonia vs ammonium for the necessary bacteria levels is hard work and this can help!


Data Science skills should include the following. If you're hiring a data scientist or enhancing your existing business intelligence expertise, here are skills that take you from a business analyst to a data scientist.


How to Naturally Keep a Duck Pond Clean

With a duck pond in your yard, the particulars of pond maintenance become clear. Ducks don't care where they do their business, and algae grows so fast that your pond can resemble a pot of pea soup in short order. If you want to keep it natural, avoiding chemicals, and you consider a filtration system an unnatural option as well, you have a few other choices.