April greiman

Wet-magazine-©-April-Greiman-and-Jayme-Odgers. G4. Considered incorrect/controversial in it's time. Transitional moment in Graphic Design History (breaking design standards)

Soap & glory: How Wet magazine changed publishing for ever

April Greiman with Jayme Odgers, Wet magazine cover, Source: Victoria and Albert Museum, London. From the essay: Did We Ever Stop Being Postmodern?

April Greiman, Design Quarterly, 1986. Overlapping forms, diagonal lines that imply perspective or reverse perspective, gestured strokes that move back in space, overlap, or move behind geometric elements, and floating forms that cast shadows are the means she uses to make forms move forward and backward from the surface of the printed page.

April Greiman, Design Quarterly, Breaking design standards with new use of technology. Also questioning societies taboos with protrayal or nudity (not considered out of context because it seems more of an "artistic" piece, since it's a self-portrait?

self portraits as poster art or magazine covers -- use with language arts unit and include student writing -- (good for typography and graphic design using digital media) -- April Greiman & Jayme Ogden

Wet magazine: 'WET: The Magazine of Gourmet Bathing, also known as WET Magazine, or simply WET, was originally published between in Venice, California by Leonard Koren.' Image: Obsession photograph by Jules Bates

April Greiman, 1991

This collage includes the classic postmodernist stair-stepping motifs, overlapping shapes, textures and decorative rules


April Greiman (designer), Sci-Arc, Changing Concepts of Space in Architecture and Art, 1986

April Greiman • SCI-Arc Summer Programs, Southern California Institute of Architecture, 1991

April Greiman Summer programs poster for Southern California Institute of Architecture, 1991

Design Lecture Series poster for April Greiman lecture season 1 by Seattle design firm Civilization

Seattle Design Firm Civilization's Gabriel Stromberg

Meet Designer of the Week Gabriel Stromberg of Seattle design firm Civilization.