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Apps For Macbook Pro

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10 Free Apps Your Mac Needs

Are you a Mac user? Check out these apps for your Mac that will increase productivity, secure your computer, and make life easier.

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16 Best Free Mac Apps

Looking the best apps for your Mac? We've compiled a list that will make you want to download all 16 right away.


How to Customize the MacBook Pro Touch Bar for your apps

#iladies Apple picks top apps with Touch Bar support for new MacBook Pro #applenews

#AppleNews Apple Highlights Mac Apps Updated With Support for MacBook Pro Touch Bar #iLadies

Teardown shows you'll have a hard time fixing your new MacBook Pro - CNET The inside of the MacBook Pro. Photo by iFixit In October 2016 Apple slimmed down its MacBook Pro lineup and added a dynamic Touch Bar to the keyboard ridding itself of the function keys and allowing for more creative keyboard functionality. We generally liked the result of the changes in our review but according to a report by…

Here are all of the third-party apps that will support the new MacBooks Pro Touch Bar When Apple debuted the new Touch Bar MacBook a few weeks back the company spent a majority of its time on-stage focused on the ways in which its own software interacted with the new feature. No surprise there really. After all Apple had a vested interest in showing off its own wares and a tighter controller of what it develops in house The company is also acutely aware that if the feature is ever truly…

Apple MacBook Pro sales already set to surpass 2015 MacBook - CNET Slice Intelligence shows Macbook Pro revenue from e-commerce purchases. Slice Intelligence Apples MacBook Pro the companys newest model for power users is generating vastly more revenue than the companys ultralight laptop that debuted a year and a half ago a e-commerce tracking firm says. The MacBook Pro revenue in its first five days…

Is the New MacBook Pro's Touch Bar revolutionary? (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast) - CNET Subscribe to the Apple Byte Podcast: iTunes MP3 | RSS MP3 | FeedBurner MP3 | SoundCloud | Google Play | TuneIn | iTunes video | RSS video | FeedBurner video | YouTube | Livestream | Stitcher Extra Crunchy Podcast Bonus Content Your browser does not support the audio element. Is the New MacBook Pros Touch Bar revolutionary? (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy) Bonus content! We talk to…

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