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WEBSTA @ f.petal - how many vowels do you have in your name? ✨

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INSTANT DOWNLOAD Labels for Handmade Sellers, Handmade with love, Thank You for Your Order, Tools for Etsy Sellers, Handmade Tags Order Tags

Hey you with the cute handmade stuff! These labels are the perfect touch before you send your products off to your customers. You can even use the

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The Best Of #Harry Potter Lulz

Anyone who knows me knows that I love this. Neville was my absolute favorite character.>>>TEAM NEVILLE FOREVER! also "chuck norris's patronus is neville longbottom"

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: End of the School year Teacher gifts...or for a spiritual mentor...or for a special friend who has helped you with an " issue" ... Or even just a " thank you" for having our grandgirls for a few days ( parts of it) !

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heart 28 I had no idea .You cannot receive until your heart and mind are open to receiving. Gratitude sees the blessing and opens your heart and mind to receive more and thus more will come to you!

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I said no to Jose & Alex

I don't know where this comes from, or why it's happening, but it is important

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