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Apple Pie Dumplings!  This easy recipe has just two ingredients and is so delicious served with a scoop of ice cream!

Apple Pie Dumplings! (2 Ingredients!)

Brown Sugar Mincemeat Cake. Despite it's name mincemeat contains no meat (although it used to) but is a delicious combination of dried fruits, spices, sugar, suet, apples and brandy.


Damson roly-poly doughnut puddings with boozy custard

Blackberry and apple roly-poly pudding recipe. A sweet slow cooker recipe? Yes, and you'll taste the difference, too! Alternatively, it's possible to oven-cook this roly-poly.


Apple Pie Dumplings! This delicious dessert has only TWO ingredients! I've made this so many times!!


Baked Apple

Baked Apple Recipe - Apple Bombs! Apples rolled in cinnamon sugar, stuffed with caramel...then wrapped with pastry and baked...


Crescent Rolls rolled up with apples inside! Melt 1/2c butter with 2/3c sugar, 3/4tsp of cinnamon and 1/2tsp vanilla. Pour over rolls and bake at 350. Slightly altered this recipe: Country Apple Dumplings - bestfoodbook