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Winter spice jelly

Winter spice jelly I am currently cooking the apples to make this right now, using the glut of crab apples that I have from my tree this year, we shall see how it goes.


Homemade Apple Jelly Recipe -->


Spiced Apple Jelly Recipe (No Added Pectin)

This spiced apple jelly recipe livens up the plain apple flavor with some traditional pairings including lemon juice, cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. The unrefined, rich taste of pure cane sugar combines well with the spices turning a bland jelly into one that wakes up the taste buds when slathered on homemade biscuits or toast. Perfect for gift giving too!

Mulled cranberry and apple jelly

Mulled cranberry and apple jelly recipe. This lightly spiced jelly is perfect with roast meats such as lamb, beef and turkey, and it’s equally delicious on toast. This will keep for up to 3 months in a cool dark place, which makes it a perfect home-made gift to give to friends and family (and it only costs 77p per jar to produce!)


Honey, Rosemary, and Apple Jelly

Honey, Rosemary, and Apple Jelly Recipe (Wondering what to do with all the local apples in season? This easy apple jelly is your answer. Spectacularly sweet and savory, this is perfect for Rosh Hashanah and hostess gifts.)


Rosehip & crab apple jelly

Use up wild rosehips and crab apples in this sparkling jelly preserve - as good on toast as it is with roast meats


Toffee Apple Jam~The crackly hard almost over the toffee apples were my favourite part. The crackly hard almost over-sweet toffee giving way to a juicy apple underneath.