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HomeGoods Holiday Buffet Tables Rise To The Occasion "How to add height to buffet tables." Books, boxes, and cover with a table cloth.

It’s always nice to have an assortment of cheeses on your platter.  Consider things like soft, hard, fresh and aged varieties for your guests enjoyment.  Start with the cheeses and then add some of your favorite dried and fresh fruits, like figs, grapes, apricots or quince jam.  Olives, nuts, crackers and a fresh sliced baguette can finish off the plate.  Salami and prosciutto are also great options.

charcuterie and cheese platter. Wine & Cheese Party Platter (inspiration photo) ~ A larger mirror is the base of the spread, and various sized martini glasses hold the rest of the goodies.

Sweet & tangy meatballs in the slow cooker - great appetizer for a party.

Sweet & tangy meatballs in the slow cooker - great appetizer for a party. Uses grape jelly, chili sauce and frozen meatballs. Will try with apricot jam, chili sauce and turkey meatballs (maybe sriracha too).

cheese fork wedding display - tomkat studio

Gorgeous Wedding Cheese Cake

Another idea is to create a unique fork display using shallow wooden boxes. Cut cheese into small bite-size pieces, place on forks and add complimentary flavored items. Use craft foam to hold the upright forks in place and cover with coarse salt for a cle

Veggie Display Ideas - the color of fresh vegetables is gorgeous in and of itself. Use that as a focal point in your table scapes.

Are you going to have cocktail hour at your upcoming wedding or special event? If so, consider doing a veggie or fruit station. Not very man.

Charcuterie / meat and cheese laid out on a long wood plank. Buffet style, cocktail party. For the holidays. I imagine this is what a dinner table in heeaven looks like!!!

This massive fruit, cheese and meat buffet is impressive to have guests make their own appetizer plates during cocktail hour. Classy and rustic at the same time.

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