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Good old fashioned baked rice pudding

Good old fashioned baked rice pudding Made this yesterday, the portion sizes are a bit off as I made half and it easily served 3. Was yummy though :D


Appalachian Apple Stack Cake

Appalachian Apple Stack Cake recipe: Try this Appalachian Apple Stack Cake recipe, or contribute your own.

"Fried Dandelions (Appalachian Style)" by Micah Funk; "This recipe consists of picking the largest dandelion flowers and leaving the entire stem behind, battering the flowers up and frying them in butter. Has a flavor similar to that of mushrooms." Makes 8 servings.

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How to Make Honey "Moonshine" - AKA: "Honeyshine"

How to Make Honey Moonshine. Here is one of our favorite recipes of all time: Honeyshine. It's basically a no frills distilled mead, but it packs a powerful punch and tastes great. We've grown accustomed to using wildflower honey because it has more complexity than clover honey. However, clover honey will lend its own unique taste to the final product and may taste even better than wildfower. Giver er a try and tell us what you think.

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Buttermilk Pie

This is my Grandmothers recipe and I have so many fond memories of her in the kitchen making this pie. It has to be one of my favorites and I hope it will become yours too.