Anton Lesser in Game of Thrones (2011)

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Anton Lesser

Anton Lesser

ALL BUSINESS: “Endeavour” stars Jack Laskey (left), Shaun Evans, Anton Lesser, Roger Allam.

Roger Allam as Fred Thursday and Shaun Evans As Morse in Endeavour. First official picture from the new series (March, First episode called "Girl" probably will be out April 22 in the UK. American release, anyone?

With Anton Lesser, Simon Russell Beale, Tom Georgeson, John Mackay. A miniseries of adaptations of Shakespeare's history plays: Richard II, Henry IV Parts One and Two, and Henry V.

The Hollow Crown – Richard II – A Beautifully Quirky and Intentional Production

Anton Lesser as Richard III in 'The Plantagenets' RSC

Anton Lesser in Shakespeare’s Richard III, Royal Shakespeare Company, October 1988 (Photo by Donald Cooper)

Anton Lesser

Anton Lesser

Anton Lesser - I can almost guarantee you've seen him in at least a handful of things

Anton Lesser - I can almost guarantee you've seen him in at least a handful of…

Wolf Hall: Sir Thomas More. Played by Anton Lesser.

Watch Damian Lewis as a sinister Henry VIII in Wolf Hall trailer

Anton Lesser as Sir Thomas More in Wolf Hall (BBC - he's not the noble hero of A Man for All Seasons

Anton Lesser

Anton Lesser

Anton Lesser

Ripper Street - Season 1 Episode Still

Wolf Hall-The Catholic saint is portrayed by Hilary Mantel as a heartless enforcer of doctrine, but previous interpretations celebrated a man of principle living in dangerous times

Thomas More is the villain of Wolf Hall. But is he getting a raw deal?

Anton Lesser plays Thomas More in a six-part adaptation of Wolf Hall on Photograph: Ed Miller/BBC

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, read by Anton Lesser

A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dicken performed by Anton Lesser on CD (Unabridged)