Prim perfect!  Would be nice with  'assorted' old chairs.....

This would be an excellent rustic worktable for the studio.I like to select an eclectic mix of old and new items for a 'collected' feel.Yes, that's exactly the sort of worktable I'm looking for.

This 100-year-old antique farm table is an ideal fit for the pass-through dining room.

18 Vintage Decorating Ideas From a 1934 Farmhouse

Trinity unloaded this antique farm table from a friend for several hundred dollars. Only five feet long, its an ideal fit for the pass-through dining room. Some of the few new items purchased, the rattan dining chairs proved sturdier than vint

Antique French Farm Table#followitfindit

Antique Farm Table, it sure looks like the original color. It would look great on a wood floor, or the old checked lino tile.

farmhouse table

Table and Dough Bowl OMG I LOVE that table! Picture shelling peas on your granny's back porch! Bowl and all!

big farmhouse this one for a worktable in the studio...

Vintage Farmhouse Table from Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture.have to have a big ol farmhouse table on our new patio

Distressed Antique Farm Table in Chestnut - Available in 4 Different Sizes

Distressed Antique Farm Table in Saddle - Available in 3 Different Sizes

Our brilliantly designed Saddle Provence Farm Table is the perfect balance of antique beauty and updated construction. Designed after an antique farmhouse table