Antique coins

Ancient Cretan tetradrachma coin depicting the legendary Labyrinth (ΚΝΩΣΙΩΝ), home of the Minotaur. c. 300 BC

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Old UK coins - one penny, half penny (or ha' - pronounced "hey" - penny) and three pence (or "thruppenny bit").

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Making Cents of Rare Coins #infographic #Money

Love this DIY penny table! With pennies going away this would be a super cool way to keep them around, and im sure be an antique soon enough lol

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ART DECO CORNERS Clipart Digital Clip Art, Instant Download, Vintage Design Elements Antique Borders Clip Art Black Silhouette

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Some of the most common Roman coins, including the gold aureus, silver denarius and brass sestertius. **

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Silver penny of King Coenwulf of Mercia (796-821), London, 796-821. The portrait is probably copied from contemporary coins of Emperor Louis the Pious, which were in turn inspired by Roman coin portraits. CM.1.162-1990, Blunt Collection.

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