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"A medieval device for a medieval deed." - Imgur These need to be sold everywhere, not just in Africa!

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The anti-rape lipgloss that helps protect women from drink-spiking

A lipgloss that doubles as an anti-rape device! The lipgloss, by 2LoveMyLips, which costs £9.99, comes with special test strips which turn blue immediately when signs of substances such as GHB or ketamine are present.

Anti rape device. Why is this the message we're sending people? The only true anti-rape tactic is to NOT RAPE PEOPLE

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A series of pro-rape meetings were being organized around the world by a blogger who advocates making rape legal. The meetings have been shut down, but this apparent sexist pig must be brought to justice. Demand the man be arrested. Please sign and share. Thank you.

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DIHAO GP65 Angel Wing Anti-rape Device Personal Alarm

2.) This belt buckle requires two hands to use, preventing attackers from easily removing clothing.