Zofran Studies And Zofran Side-Effects Lawsuits Claim The Medication Taken During Pregnancy To Treat Morning Sickness Can Lead To Newborns Having Cleft Palate, Cardiac Malformations And Other Birth Defects.

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Some common anti-nausea medications used post-operatively could increase patients' arrhythmia risk

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Collins was admitted. He'll receive IV fluids and anti nausea medications and have a blood panel done as well as some x-rays and an ultrasound to check for any potential blockages. It's so hard to leave him especially since it's his 2nd birthday at midnight #dogsofinstagram #goldenretrievers #dogsofig #goldenretrieversofinstagram #puppy #servicedog #servicedogsofinstagram #sdit #respectthevest #servicedogintraining #servicedogteam #servicedogsofig #ilovegolden_retrievers #dogstagram by…

Quick hint for summer: Did you know some medications can make a person more sensitive to sunlight? Medications such as antibiotics or anti nausea medication, some anxiety medication or water pills. Skin treatment such as Retina , Alpha hydroxy acid and salicylic acid will also cause sun sensitivity and will be a problem.

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Thanks to research from the University of Michigan and nearly three centuries of medicinal use, we can now utilize ginger root to not only kill ovarian cancer cells, but also prostate cancer cells with zero toxicity

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"My doctor said he couldn't refill my Percocet, Valium, or anti-nausea medication if my symptoms were gone..."

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Mucus is unpleasant, nasty, and sometimes stays with you for longer than expected. You'd rather get rid of it than let it run its course, but you don't really know how. Click the link for more information on how to clear your throat of phlegm and mucus. http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-the-Throat-of-Mucus

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HAE, where a person can go from the picture on the left to the picture on the right in less than an hour, despite ingesting no food/drink, and having 4-6 incredibly painful stools, with severe nausea, sometimes vomiting, dizziness, circulatory collapse, blackouts, etc. Although still very severe, WITHOUT HAE injections or infusions, this pain and misery would go on for 12 to 18 hours without any relief at all. Surprisingly, even with this level of severity, these attacks are usually treated…

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