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Use olive oil, tea tree and lavender to get rid of head lice/nits without any harmful chemicals or smelly medicated shampoos. The head lice get suffocated by the oils as they breathe through their skin, and the eggs cannot stick to hair coated with oil.


Power Health Fleriana Anti Lice Shampoo Για Την Άμεση Απομάκρυνση Της Ψείρας 100ml. Μάθετε περισσότερα ΕΔΩ:


South Park clip: Lice Genocide

Clyde tries to destroy the lice colony on his head by using anti-lice shampoo but it's his blow-dryer that does most of the damage.

The leaves and bark of the Australian melaleuca tree produce tea tree oil, which is a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal topical treatment. If you suffer with dandruff, head lice or a dry scalp, add drops of tea tree oil to shampoo to improve or eliminate your symptoms. Use an unopened bottle of shampoo so you know …

LICOKIL (An Anti Lice Shampoo)   LICOKIL is produced by Season Company, which contains permethrin. It is indicated for the eradicatio...