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Examples of american cold-war propaganda

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I want to sell you a Tory: Hilarious (and politically incorrect) election posters from a century ago

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Where the Berlin Wall once stood. Brandenburg Gate and Pariser Platz taken from West Berlin, Germany.

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Magazine - Soviet Anti-Alcohol Posters from the 1920s—60s

The Soviets were really good at making poster art in the form of propaganda, so good that even the most horrible messages had a begrudgingly nice look...

Lev Davidovich Trotsky (1879-1940), Russian Marxist Revolutionary and Theorist, Soviet Politician, and the Founder and First Leader of the Red Army.

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Vladimir Lenin, a Bolshevik (main anti-Tsarist movement) took control 25th October 1917 after the Revolution

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1930's Japanese Takarazuka girls & Shochiku Shows Tickets memorial for Japan - Nazi Germany Alliance ( Anti Comintern Pact) (anti communism soviet ) / vintage antique old military war art advertising / historic history paper material Japan - Japan War Art

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