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An Education Source that highlights 'The Bully.' Do you struggle with someone in your life that acts out 'The Bully.' If so this is for you. Click to download. #bully #emotionalhealth

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Bullying is good, says India

I just got out of a 7 month relationship and didn't realize until today that it was the most abusive relationship I've ever been in.

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Anti Bullying Campaign Bracelet Crafts

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Bella Thorne on Shake It Up and her Anti-Bullying Campaign

Bella Thorne on Shake It Up and her Anti-Bullying Campaign ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring bella thorne, people, girls, bella and hair

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Teach your students about the four different types of bullying

Bullying is a global issue ranging from physical to cyber (online). Throughout recent years others have become more accepting of one another, even though bullying still exists it is not so much frequent as it used to be. For example now there are campaigns raising more awareness of bullying. One film example of bullying that can be seen is in Back to the Future, the bullying can be seen taking place whilst Marty visits the different decades of time.