This was pinned as a link to an article that discusses the different types of bullying as well as what bullying really is. This is an excellent resource that I would send home with parents because it can help them educate their children.

Teach your students about the four different types of bullying

Child and Teen bullies grow up to be Adult bullies. Bullying is now part of our culture, and we need to end it. Know the types of bullying and protect your students and make your classroom a bully-free zone.

I'm so glad my daughters stand with their friends, even if they didn't always stand with them.

Craftibilities: OCTOBER Anti-Bullying Campaign - POSTER IDEAS This would've cute to use for scholarship board. Don't stand by!

This is a wonderful lesson. It was done for a sixth grade class but I'm going to find a way to tailor it for my third graders.

'YourKids' Teacher: Erasing Meanness This is a great four day anti-bullying program that could be run to show the effect bullying has on others and the impact children can have on eachother by being positive

6 Great Posters on Bullying ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning #bullying #education

Oddly enough, applies to Adult Bully Bosses as Well. Great Posters on Bullying ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

I just got out of a 7 month relationship and didn't realize until today that it was the most abusive relationship I've ever been in.

Bullying is good, says India

good lesson for all teachers to learn to share with their class.  kids should be safe in a classroom

Bullying and The Crumpled Paper Lesson

The Crumpled Paper Lesson and Bullying from Happy Children and Families. Example to teach kids lasting impact and scars of unkind words & actions. Like the love heart ripping exercise

Anti-bullying poster with a sweet poem and what looks like illustrations by Quentin Blake!

An illustrated poster of an anti-bullying poem that promotes inclusiveness, tolerance and friendship.

bullying poster and activity set. SO needed this year! I love how it includes cyber bullying! $

Bullying Activities Role Plays and Poster Set