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Bullying Activities Role Plays and Poster Set

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Bullying and The Crumpled Paper Lesson

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Teacher’s powerful lesson on the effects of bullying – using two apples – strikes a chord

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"The Key to Being a Good Friend" Great elementary lesson + bulletin board idea = killing 2 birds with 1 stone www.elementarysch...

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Anti-bullying activity: Group activity using toothpaste, a plate and toothpicks to demonstrate how you can't take words back. Love this! Mrs. O Knows: Did I Just Leave The Dollar Tree With That Many Bags?

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For anti-bullying month, my Grade 6 students decided to create an I-Phone 6 door. Seeing as how they were in Grade 6, this was a great idea. Each student created an app with an anti-bullying message that related.

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After several requests, I re-edited this for use in school assemblies. This is best viewed in widescreen mode. The text is slowed down a bit so it's easier to follow. If you enjoy, feel free to Pin, Like, Tweet, Retweet, Reddit, Digg, +1. Tumbl, StumbleUpon, Tag or share with someone who needs to see it! xoxo - Megan Hall

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