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The black-hole collision that reshaped physics

A momentous signal from space has confirmed decades of theorizing on black holes—and launched a new era of gravitational wave astronomy

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Three senior Oxford University academics will pay to be deep frozen when they die so they could one day be 'brought back to life'

Zai'nyy Nick Bostrom - Swedish Philosopher (Existential risk and the Anthropic Principle).

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8 Great Philosophical Questions That We'll Never Solve

The photograph, which is actually 12 images stitched together, shows the Milky Way over Piton de l'Eau, a volcanic crater lake on the small island. In the background is Piton des Neiges, which at more than feet is the highest mountain on Réunion Island

The anthropic principle says that the universe appears "designed" for the sake of human life. More than a century of astronomy and physics research yields this unexpected observation: the emergence of humans and human civilization requires physical constants, laws, and properties that fall within certain narrow ranges.