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Lessons in 'character' should be placed on curriculum

Anthony Seldon, the Master of Wellington College, said all pupils should be taught about character and wellbeing.

Public Schools and the Great War - The Generation Lost, by Anthony Seldon and David Walsh, as seen in The Telegraph, BBC Radio 4's Today programme, the Mail on Sunday and Times Educational Supplement

Sir Anthony Seldon: Historian says test obsession wrecks education. Is he right? Earlier today, The Independent released an article about Sir Anthony Seldon's comments that tests have a negative im...

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A disunited Kingdom... why Brexit Britain is as divided as Europe in 1914

A disunited Kingdom... why Brexit Britain is as divided as Europe in 1914 ANTHONY SELDON Anthony Seldon 26 JUNE 2016 • 6:00AM


Head warns of 'ticking time bomb' in schools

Sir Anthony Seldon, master of Wellington College, UK has called for schools to give over part of their timetable to improve mental and physical health in students with regular sport and meditation sessions.

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8 ways to give (and get) happiness

Giving makes you happy, says Anthony Seldon, author of Beyond Happiness. For more on wellbeing, go to

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Teach pupils manners, tidiness and kindness, says Wellington College headmaster

All pupils should study for GCSE-style qualifications in good manners, kindness and self-control says Anthony Seldon, master of Wellington College (UK)

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Teaching is like parenting: you don't need to have a qualification

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Anthony Seldon of Wellington College is knighted

Dr Anthony Seldon, head of Wellington College, has been knighted by the Queen in her annual birthday honours list.