Anthony coal fired pizza

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Restaurant Remake: Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Wings recipe! Crispy and full of herbs that is baked not fried.

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza's Meatballs and sauce - I've not had these but know some folks who love 'em . Photo links to meatball recipe. Sauce recipe link is:,0,1660218.story

Q: My husband and I and friends have eaten at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Pompano Beach and Delray Beach many times and totally enjoy everything so far. However, the chicken wings are one of the best items on the menu. They are crisp, juicy, sweet, plump and so good that I can probably eat the large order myself! They present them on that perfectly grilled focaccia bread smothered in those grilled sweet onions. Yummy! I was wondering if the chef would like to share his recipe? — Gerri…

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Coal Oven Roasted Chicken Wings - Sun Sentinel 4-6-14, Adapted from Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza recipe.

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