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Another Word For Still

Lipking Absolutely stunning! The transparency of the vase, the brilliance of the red/orange flowers, this painting is another that I would love to see "face to face" for hours...

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Writing – instead of using “look” use…

Download this A4 writing aid for quick reference on which words to use instead of 'Look' I'm trudging through my first draft and the tip I keep hearing is - Just get through it!reference expressions, and emotions for the word 'look'. Download it out in A4 for free by clicking on the image. Do you have any other words that can be added to this printout? Please let me know!

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THIS IS AMZING!!! Another reason why this is my favoutite character out of all the characters in all the movies, TV shows or books I ever read or watched <3 Jim Moriarty

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Ode to my "best friend" - I just hope you can leave me to it now that you've shown yourself to be such a cruel, nasty and manipulative person who has never been interested in being the lapdog that you made me into, in return. It feels reviving after a while - one less person working out my actual physical worth to them and where to attach their "milking device"! Haha...sad that I still let you so close. xx

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Our Presence: The Gift That Really Matters to our Children

Out of all the people that could have broke me. Pulled me apart. Made me feel worthless. Made me believe I'm not good enough for anyone or anything. Why did it have to be you? You were the one person I thought I could trust. I loved you so much and I still fucking do. Why did you do that to me? I just wanted to make you happy.

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Rate of environmental degradation puts life on Earth at risk, say scientists

They found that the changes of the last 60 years are unprecedented in the previous 10,000 years, a period in which the world has had a relatively stable climate and human civilisation has advanced significantly. Carbon dioxide levels, at 395.5 parts per million, are at historic highs, while loss of biosphere integrity is resulting in species becoming extinct at a rate more than 100 times faster than the previous norm.

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#YesAllWomen Because I am dealing with another man that cannot take no for an answer and is trying to guilt me into "just talking to him". No means NO!

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Yeah so this is what i'm going to do this summer, only to keep my anxiety away. Writing what's good, what's bad, shreding the bad thoughts and keeping the good ones and afterwards, reading them all :)

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Come listen to a story about a man called Jed, a poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed. And then one day he was shootin' at some food when up from the ground came a bubbling crude. Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea.... Must have watched an awful lot of TV if I can still remember the words nearly 50 years later! :o)

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