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Today's Summer Solstice/Full Moon is a miracle. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN FOR ANOTHER 70 YEARS. IT IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE. Are you going to be part of creating something incredible or do nothing. It is your choice. Blessings

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while I agree that people can try to understand another person's point of view and be sympathetic towards them - for a true empath - the notion of choice is kind of funny.

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On the eve of another week beginning... I sit with my thoughts and a cup of tea... The little tea bag telling me... "When ego is lost universality exists." I usually agree with my cup of tea... but tonight I have to disagree and it made be think of this pending series starting this week. We cannot throw ego aside. I know this is what is always suggested... even demanded by spiritual gurus but I'm here to offer a different thought that I also teach in Sultry. Why not make friends with ego…

Sometimes you need to take a shot in the dark. You cannot for the life of you answer what benefit will it bring you - but you must continue doing that one thing close to your heart. Hesitant as much I was at one of the business conferences I went ahead to ask the questions coz "I had done my homework on a few stats & I wanted to ask them loud." Little did I know that one question would lead to another and by the end of it - during the drink party the CEO of the organization hosting the…

I do believe it's time you started shining. In fact I believe it is something you have always wanted to do. I believe that you dream every single day and in those dreams you are having the time of your life. . Laughing loving holding creating speaking teaching giggling and snuggling. . I believe you are radiance walking and everyone who meets you is forever changed because your words bring life and light to their life. Your smile sparks curiosity in another souls life and your love for…

Book folding pattern for a Cat on Craftsuprint designed by Lyndsey Houghton - made by Gail Pennycuick - I printed the pattern out and started marking the book pages, having checked the correct size needed. Next I started on the folding and watched as the cat began to emerge. Finally I attached a lightweight ribbon and bell across the cat's neck. This is a great design for cat lovers. - Now available for download!

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Equality doesn't mean identical. It means "equal to." We might take different paths to get there, but it's the destination that matters.

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This is another good one! Reinforce some positive self esteem, teenagers are often their own worst enemies! Great quote for the classroom.

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The weekend is almost here, so naturally you’re just itching to get out of the office. Whether it be happy hour, another weekend away or just some quality time with your significant other, we know you need some inspiration to help you get through the day. Click through the slideshow above to see ...

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